Mission Statement

At Veterans Fire Protection it is our commitment to fully understand and professionally tailor our services to the needs of each individual customer.  We honor the ability to serve the customer in a personal, professional, and dedicated manner.  We are committed to developing a loyal customer base by providing superior communication, professional installation, and exceptional service.

Core Values

Integrity:  Our integrity is who we are.  We are committed to it in everything we do.  We let truth, honesty, and fairness guide us in our dealings with our customers, employees, and vendors.

Professionalism:  We are owned and operated by Veterans of the United States Military.  Professionalism is not only expected, it is given willingly.  Attention to detail, hard work, and dependability are the traits associated with years of specialized training and Commitment.

Passion:  The people employed by Veterans Fire Protection share a common passion for the industry and customers they serve.  This passion is reflected in the quality work they produce, their excellent customer service, and their involvement inside the company and their community.

Business Principles

Recruit and employ positive minded professionals that share the same passion and professional drive to achieve our mission.

Believe in our company’s mission, our personnel, our families, and the communities we serve.

Provide custom, personalized fire protection systems to our customers at competitive rates while maintaining profitability.


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