National Boating Safety Week

We can provide fire extinguishers and systems for your boat, big or small. Ask us about our Halotron extinguishers.

The Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau

boatsThis week celebrated National Boating Safety Week, sponsored by the National Safe Boating Council. The week is aimed to encourage and promote safe boating. Wearing a life jacket while on a boat is the easiest way to stay safe, but we thought we’d also take some time out to discuss fire safety aboard boats.

Fire safety doesn’t just apply to land or buildings; it can also be helpful for boat owners. Oftentimes, when a powerboat catches fire it results in an explosion rather than the typical type of fire one might imagine occurring in a structure. Some simple safety tips can help keep you, your family, and your friends safe on the water this year!

  • Washington State Law requires a safety vest be readily accessible for each person aboard the watercraft. If the boat has to be evacuated during a fire, a safety vest will help even the youngest onboard…

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