Tulsa and OKC Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist

For our readers please note that Veterans Fire Protection technicians are NICET and NAFED certified and are available to perform inspections on fire extinguishers as well as the various other fire protection systems and equipment you may have.

Mac Systems Tulsa & OKC Fire Safety and Security Systems

You may see them at work and not notice them. You may walk by them every day and not notice them. What are they? Fire extinguishers. These fire suppression systems may often get overlooked until they are needed. But, for fire extinguishers to be effective in an emergency, fire extinguisher inspections are needed regularly for your Tulsa or OKC business. How frequently should they be inspected, and what do you need look for in an inspection?fire extinguisher inspections okc

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) notes that a “quick check” inspection of portable fire extinguishers should be completed monthly and can be conducted by the owner or his designated agent. For this monthly fire extinguisher inspection, you should make sure:

It’s in place and clearly visible. The fire extinguisher should be in its designated location, and there shouldn’t be any objects blocking access to the extinguisher. It should be easily visible and readily…

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