Condo Culture: Smoke-detector readiness is everyone’s responsibility

Some info for condo owners and their associations.

National Post | Life

Q. Who is responsible for confirming that the condo owners have smoke detectors and that they are in proper working order? I have concerns because my neighbour told me he removed the battery out of his detector after it went off too many times.

A. I can’t imagine how many people reading this article have themselves or know someone who has removed the batteries from their smoke detector. Please don’t think nothing will ever happen — I urge you to replace those batteries.
As of March 2006, every residence is required to have a working smoke detector on every floor. The recent change to the Ontario Fire Code also requires that all smoke detectors be replaced every 10 years. Significant fines will be imposed on those who are caught ignoring this law.

Statistics show that in 50% of fatal preventable house fires, there were no smoke detectors. In fact, in…

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