KCTV5 Exposes The 9-Volt Battery Fire Danger

I would like everyone to read this and watch the video. Proper battery storage and disposal can and will prevent unnecessary fires and loss.

EHS Safety News America


For the past week, one particular video has been lighting up social media, warning of improperly stored 9-volt batteries sparking devastating house fires.

The clip, first posted on the website kidsandcharacter.com, recounts how a battery fire destroyed the home of Fort Collins, CO, resident Dave Miller. It begins with the dramatic audio recording of Miller’s call to 911.

“I have a fire. I need the fire department here,” Miller told a fire dispatcher.

“Inside your house?” the operator asked.

“Yes, inside my house,” Miller said.

“Sir, hang up the phone and evacuate,” the dispatcher directed.

Miller barely made it out alive, but watched his house burn down. He decided to post a warning about the ordinary item to blame for this extraordinary experience.

“If it can save one person’s life, then everything my family has gone through has been worth it,”…

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