Fire safety for spray booths and rooms

Veterans Fire Protection sells, installs, and services spray booth fire suppression systems. Contact us for a complimentary site visit to discuss how we can partner with you on your fire protection needs.

The Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau

paint booth

The use of spray paints and finishes for commercial applications poses serious fire and explosion hazards. Auto body shops, woodworkers, and manufacturers should make sure their spray booths or rooms are safe and well maintained at all times. Although it is possible to build a spray booth or room yourself that meets safety requirements, we recommend that a pre-engineered booth and suppression system, which meets NFPA and OSHA requirements, be purchased and installed by professionals.

When looking at a spray booth or room, here are some things to check to make sure that it meets safety standards and is properly maintained:

  • An automatic suppression system (water, wet chemical, or dry chemical depending on the products being sprayed) covers the entire area of the booth or room including all plenums and ducts.
  • Suppression systems are serviced at least semi-annually and after any activation.
  • All sprinkler heads are covered with cellophane or…

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