Fire Safety in the Home

A good read for everyone. Please make sure you have home fire extinguishers and you know how to use them. A good site to check out for info and training is:

At the end, you can print a certificate of completion. Parents; this would be a great family activity.

Rosa Hellen

Over the weekend, I had a small kitchen fire. I was trying a new pie recipe and part of the crust fell to the bottom of the oven and caught fire because it landed on the heating coil. The smoke detector in the kitchen went off, and immediately I opened the windows and the doors closest to the smoke detector. Then a couple minutes later the second smoke detector down the hallway near the bedrooms also went off, waking my napping children.

Event 1: Smoke detector in kitchen went off. Check. (It’s always good to know that the thing works!)

Event 2: Smoke detector in hallway went off. Check.

What I didn’t tell you is Event 1.5 when I saw the flame in the oven through the oven glass door, that I panicked and did not know what to do. I yelled for my husband “THERE’S A FIRE IN HERE!!!!”…

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